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Which is the cheapest way to get to Madrid from the airport?

Madrid airport T4The distance from the very centre of Madrid, La Puerta del Sol, to the airport Barajas is 22 km: If a client asks us which is the cheapest means of transport from the airport to the Puerta del Sol, the answer would be: The urban EMT bus line 200. With 1,50 Euros you will get to the Avenida América and from there you have to change to the metro and with 1,50 Euros more you will get to the Puerta del Sol (the station is now called Vodafone Sol). All in all 3 Euros. But there is still another option, which is cheaper, if you buy a combined ticket for 10 journeys you can change from bus to metro and it costs only one fare.In this case the price will be 1,22 Euros. But there is one thing to consider. The ticket will be sold at the metro station and we have to take first a bus, and the other thing is that it takes about 45 minutes to get to the Puerta del Sol. So, is it worth to take the line 200? If we go to the Avenida América, probably yes, but it takes more or less 85 minutes to get there. The frequency of the bus 200 is every 15 minutes, that`s not bad. But now we will see more options and how much they cost, listed from the cheapest ones to the most expensive ones:

Urban train line C1 of Madrid

- Price: 2,50 euros the train ticket + 1,5 euros the metro ticket (Atocha station to Sol).

- Time: 11 minutes to the Chamartin station and 25 to the Atocha-Ave station.

- Frequency: 30 minutes.

- Something more?: Yes. The train station is in the terminal T4, but there are free buses from the T1, T2 y T3 to the terminal T4 (24 hours service). More. Don´t by a return ticket, there is no discount and the return journey must be made within 24 hours. For travellers, who have tickets for the AVE and have a connecting flight, the train is free.


- Price: 4,5 Euros.

- Time: 15 minutes to the Nuevos Ministerios station. To the Sol station 1 hour 15 min. with changing twice the metro line. Faster (30 minutes) would be the metro to Nuevos Ministerios and than the urban train line 3 to Puerta del sol, but in this case the price is 6 Euros.

- Frequency: That´s the metro!

- More things?: Yes. The first train starts at 6:05h and the last train is at 1:51 h.

Bus: Línea express (Express line) Atocha Renfe-Aeropuerto

- Price: 5 Euros.

- Time: 40 minutes to Atocha-Renfe station and 30 minutes to Plaza Cibeles (from Cibeles to Sol 10 minutes by walk).

- Frequency: 15 minutes during the day.

- Something more?: Yes. Running 24 hours and has stops at the terminals T1, T2 and T4. From the terminal T3 you must take the free bus which connects with all the terminals.


- Price: 35 Euros approximately.

- Time: 25 minutes with normal traffic.

- Something more?: Yes. It is possible that in 2014 there will be a flat rate of 30 Euros from the airport to the centre of Madrid.

Private transfer services

- Price: 45 Euros approximately.

- Time: 25 minutes with normal traffic.

- Something more?: The price is for up to 4 people with normal luggage. A car for more people can cost more or less 75 euros.

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