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To get to Barcelona from the airport

Aerobus BarcelonaOne of the happiest moments of a trip after a flight is, once recovered the luggage, leaving the terminal. It`s finally over, having the seat of the passenger in front of your nose, and opening or closing the book you pretended to read during the flight, or extracting and putting back the airline´s magazine from the seat-back pocket. Ok, now we have our luggage and we arrived.  Crossing the revolving door of the terminal and for the first time we breathe the air of our destination. For me, the first breath of fresh air means, that´s a new travel. And then or at the same time I’am aware of the colour of the taxis, the kind of buses, the faces. I arrived finally. Well not really, there is a last thing to do, get to my location. For some people this is still another step, but for me to get to my apartment, my room or the house I rented, is part of the travelling adventure. But I have to admit, that sometimes it´s not necessary to leave the terminal where you arrived because in some airports you have access to metro stations or trains. And this happens in Barcelona if you arrive at the Terminal T2 and you choose the train, you have to cross a pedestrian bridge to the station, but at least you will see the terminal from the outside and the train station is only partially covered.

But now I think we focus on the airport of Barcelona (El Prat). Equipped with our luggage and full of illusions, we have to find a means of transport to get to the city. Let´s say we have to go to the Plaza de Catalunya (the most centric point of Barcelona) because we made a reservation for the apartment BARBERA-1. This would be the options:

Metro: With metro it would probably cost more or less 2 Euros and there would be vending machines for the tickets and integrated travel cards and in this case you could buy for example a T10 ticket and the journey would cost you 1,03 Euros. But unfortunately the metro to the airport is still under construction.

Urban busline 46: 2,15 Euros (If you bought once in Barcelona a T10 ticket and you still have one journey left you could use it for the return trip to the airport). But please note, that there are 21 busstops until you get to Barcelona. Estimated time: 45-60 minutes. Frequency: about 18 minutes. The final stop is close to the Plaza de Espanya.

Bus AEROBUS: 5,90 euros
Please note: Plaza Espanya is the first busstop (perfect for the apartments FERIA-A, FERIA-B or SALVA-B for example) and to the Plaza Catalunya, the most centric point, 4 busstops. 35 minutes to the Pl. Catalunya. Frequency 10 minutes.

Train line R2 nord cercanías (commuter rail): 2,50 euros (each way). 30 minutes to the Passeig de Gracia station, which is very close to the Plaza Catalunya.

Taxi: 27 euros approx. (each way). Price includes extras fares from the airport and luggage.

Servicio transfer: 40,00 euros approx. For 1 to 4 people. Fixed price and they will wait for you in the terminal with a signboard with your name.

Do yo have to go to the airport in the night and you don’t want to take a taxi or make a reservation with a transfer service? Do you have to go to other villages like Viladecans, Gavá, Sant Boi, Castelldefels, Garraf, Sitges…? There are options and I will refer to it, probabely, in another article. But you can also ask us, so reply to this posting and send us your questions or comments.

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